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Tanelec Representatives Visited BRD Group

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The BRD Group was pleased to welcome representatives from Tanelec Ltd. for a discussion on potential collaboration opportunities. Tanelec was also interested in learning more about BRD's innovative polyurethane insulated panel solutions.


Tanelec was established in 1981 and is Tanzania's largest transformer manufacturer. It supplies power transformers, switchgear, distribution transformers, metering devices and related products to utilities and the private sector in East and Central Africa.


During the visit, Tanelec learned that BRD's insulation board systems can significantly improve the efficiency and durability of its electrical equipment enclosures, substations and modular field offices. 


BRD's insulation board solutions are infused with polyurethane foam between layers of metal skins, which provides excellent insulation, fire resistance and structural strength, making them ideal for locations where temperature control and protection are critical, such as transformer enclosures, substation buildings and field offices.


Tanelec values BRD's manufacturing abilities and forward-thinking approach to insulation product development. The two companies are committed to working together to support infrastructure needs throughout the region.

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