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BRD “stone like paint” Painting Applied In College Renovation

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Product: Natural Colored Sand “Stone Like Painting”

Project: Zhengzhou College of Traffic Technicians

Application: Old Wall Renovation

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The exterior wall is exposed all the year, the quality of exterior wall coating is of great importance. If the quality of painting itself is not good, it is likely to appear a variety of problems in the short term, affecting the building facade aesthetic effect, and even a series of safety risks, therefore, the choice of paint manufacturers is very important.


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Zhengzhou college of traffic technicians, founded in 1979, is now in charge of Zhengzhou Labor and Social Security Bureau, is a comprehensive professional vocational and technical college serving the highway traffic industry, automobile manufacturing and service industry, traffic information industry, clothing design industry, early childhood education, cooks cooking.

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Due to this college has been built for many years, exterior wall painting begins fading. In order to improve the image of campus, colleges’ leaders decide to renovate the old wall. BRD external decorative wall panel painting stands out from a lot of suppliers for its own advantages such as: anti-rust and easy installation.


Our sales manager recommended clients with red and white “stone like paint”, which is a classic match rebuilding solemn and elegant college style.

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