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BRD's Insulation Technology Improves The Thermal Insulation of Cold Rooms.

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The thermal insulation of cold storage panels is crucial to the overall performance of a cold storage system. Therefore, BRD has always focused on developing and enhancing the thermal insulation performance of cold storage panels, endeavouring to meet the diversified needs of the market and adapt to various weather conditions and seasonal changes. Recently, BRD has teamed up with global chemical giant BASF to develop a cutting-edge cold storage panel. These innovative panels are made of BASF's pentane-blown rigid foam with excellent flame retardant properties up to Class B1, which not only meets the market's stringent requirements for highly flame-retardant products, but also significantly improves the safety and reliability of cold storage. Through this co-operation, BRD not only strengthens its leading position in the industry, but also provides customers with more high-quality and safer product choices.


BRD cold storage panels offer a 20 per cent increase in insulation performance compared to conventional insulation materials. This increase makes BRD cold storage panels the best choice of building material for cold storage construction projects. In addition to this, the correct installation method is crucial to ensure that the cold storage panels are insulated. By ensuring the continuity and density of the insulation and by carefully sealing around the insulation, cold air leakage and heat transfer can be prevented, thus maintaining the efficient operation of the cold room. The sealed space not only improves the energy efficiency of the cold room, but also extends its service life, providing a more reliable and cost-effective solution for customers.


With BRD's advanced insulation technology, cold rooms of the future will be more energy efficient and sustainable. This will not only significantly reduce energy consumption and operating costs, but also propel the entire industry towards a greener tomorrow. BRD's innovative technology will provide customers with more efficient and environmentally friendly cold storage solutions, thus helping the industry to move towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly direction. Through continuous technological advancement and product optimisation, BRD is leading the cold storage industry towards a more energy efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable future, contributing to global environmental protection and resource conservation.


Tim Huang, Chief Executive Officer of BRD, said, "By continually improving the insulation and energy-saving performance of our products, we are not only helping our customers to reduce their operating costs, but also facilitating the construction of more sustainable cold rooms. In the future, we will continue to innovate and endeavour to provide our customers with the best quality solutions to ensure they stay ahead of the competition in the market."

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