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Why Choose Polyurethane Sandwich Panel For Steel Structure Workshops

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As a building energy-saving insulation material, polyurethane sandwich panels have been widlet used in developed countries such as Europe, the United States, and Japan, but they are not widely used in my country. Polyurethane sandwich panel is an axcellent energy-saving and heat-preserving material, and its good heat-insulating, fire-resistant and heat preserving properties can provide a solution to China's energy consumption crisis.

Sandwich-Panel-BRD (732)

Polyurethane composite board is composed of upper and lower color steel plates and intermediate foamed polyurethane. It has light weight, beautiful appearance and good corrosion resistance, and can be directly processed. It is suitable for construction, shipbuilding, vehicle manufacturing, furniture, electrical industries, etc. A new type of raw material is provided, which has good effects such as substituting steel for wood, rapid construction, energy saving, and pollution prevention.

PU-Panel-BRD (210)

Due to its good fire and moisture resistance, the polyurethane of the polyurethane compsite panel is also commonly used as the core material for the edge banding of other composite panels. The polyurethane edge banding composite panel uses high-quality color coated steel plate as the surface material, and continuous rockwool and glasswool as the core material. High-density rigid foamed polyurethane is filled with tongue and groove, after high-pressure foaming and curing, the cotton cloth is automatically densified and made of super-long double-track controlled molding compound. Compared with traditional cotton maintenance materials, it has better fire resistance and heat insulation effect. The performance is longer, the installation is convenient, and the appearance is elegant. It is an ideal chocie for steel building maintenance materials.

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