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What Are The Common Problems of PU Sandwch Panel

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Although PU sandwich insualtion panel have been widley used in steel structure buildings, because people do not often come into contact with this materials, they do not know it very well.Below,BRD manufacturers have sorted out some common problems of PU sandwich insulation panels for you refrence.

1.How long should the PU sandiwch insulation board be stored before use?

In order to ensure the high quality of the PU insulation board, it is generally stored for about 10 days after production before leaving the factory. After 10 days, the physical and chemical reactions of the PU insulation board are basically over. In this way, the excellent performance of the PU foam insulation material can be sufficient.

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2. How to store PU insulation board?

Polyurethane has very good corrosion resistance, and the only damage to it is ultraviolet light. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent sun exposure and avoid outdoor storage. If stored for a long time, they should be stacked on top of each other.

3. What is the temperature of the polyurethane insulation board?

The use temperature range of PU insulation board is between -30℃ and +90℃, and the short-term use temperature can reach +250℃ without any damage.

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4. Can PU insulation boards resist thermal deformation?

Any material will change in size under the action of temperature. When the density of uncovered rigid PU foam is 30~60Kg/m3, the thermal expansion coefficient is 5~8·10-5·K-1, when the temperature rises, for example, from 10℃~30℃ (temperature difference=20K). Rigid PU foam insulation boards of more than one meter can expand 1~1.6mm, which is normal.

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