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Introduce BRD Cam Lock Cold Room Panel

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Product Introduction

cold room panel with cam lock as core material, and zinc-plated & color-coated steel sheets& stainless steel sheet & aluminum sheet as the upper and bottom sheets. The panels are formed by heating and pressing with high-intensity glue , we produce the panels one by one , it can make the panels much more strong and good quality.



Panels Connect Method:Dry-Joint System with Cam Lock.between two planels are male and female.the floor panels are reinforced and they withstand distributed load up to 2000Kg/SQ meters.also the cold room should be installed in a sheltered place away from direct sunshine.dust and rain.

Camlock Cold Room Pane (5)


Cold room panel with cam lock used for keeping food fresh, freezing milk and meat, storage something that need special temperature. So they can be widely applied in hotels, restaurants, medicines, agricultural, chemicals industries all other place when cold storage is needed.

Camlock Cold Room Pane (20)


1.Light weight enough to reduce building expenses.

Time can be saved on a building project due to the simple installation.

Ideal for special designs because they are easy to form and cut.

2.Wide range of material for your choice: rock wool, polysteyene and polyurethane etc. These material have low heat coefficient and excellent for hot or cold temperature insulation.

Both polyester cores of the panels are fire proof and meet the relevant standards completely.

3.The press steel sheet has clear edges and panels are available in various colors. They meet the requirements for different styles of building materials and are beautiful and elegant.

4.Good sound insulation for up to 40-50 decibels.

BRD gives a variation of Cam Lock Cold Room Panel to be chosen depending on the product stored and customer needed. Get FREE consultation and advice from our experts by Today! Email us at brdmaterial@gmail.com or WhatsApp us at +6011 2291 7777 or +6011 2281 777.

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