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BRD "Exterior Wall Cladding" Blooming At Beijing International Airport

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Project:Beijing International Airport

Size: 8cm Rock Wool Exterior Wall Cladding System

Color:Fluorocarbon Matt Champagne

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In today's frequent international exchanges, the arrival and departure of airport has become the first impression of the people of the country and the world on a city. As the capital of China, Beijing's international airport is a national card.


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According to the 12th Five-year Plan of Capital Airport Group, it is urgent to display the world-class gateway hub airport and improve the scientific and technological level.The archive project is directly related to the image of "the first gate" of Beijing capital airport. After layers screening, BRD external wall insulation board stands out from more than ten famous suppliers in China.

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Architecture is a container for living. When we live in a city, architecture is like a landscape lingering around us. The outer wall, as an architectural coat, tells the world its elegant and unique facade form above the prosperity and between heaven and earth.BRD exterior wall board, more than 2,000 kinds of classic coats, can also be customized according to the architectural style.Integrating the building facade into the urban fabric, the craftsman creates an architectural aesthetic that matches the surroundings.

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As a new type of energy-saving building materials integrating insulation and decoration, BRD wall decoration board has the dual functions of decoration and insulation. Users only need to purchase and install once, and the decoration and insulation of the facade can be fully completed.Functions doubled, but costs fell by more than a half.At the same time, through the verification of 1.3 million square meters of real cases, BRD products have characters of excellent weather resistance, self-cleaning, waterproof and air permeability, heat preservation, fire prevention, construction, safety and all kinds of performance items are in the leading position in the industry.


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