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BRD rock wool sandwich board application Bangladesh garment factory project

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In winter, the construction is affected by the cold weather, but the construction site of BRD overseas project is still in full swing. Recently, BRD supply Bangladesh garment factory project is about to be completed. With brand protection and one-stop service, BRD can fully meet the needs of customers.

rock wool sandwich panel (1)

Project Name: Bangladesh garment factory

Product specification: BRD 50mm/120mm thickness rock wool sandwich board

rock wool sandwich panel (2)

Interior construction of Bangladesh garment factory

1.best choice of brand

Mr. aye is a well-known local construction contractor in Bangladesh and the main leader of the garment factory. Asked why BRD was initially selected, Mr. aye said, "this project is needed for the expansion of our plant area, and it has stricter requirements on fire control and quality. The selection of BRD is introduced by Chinese partners. After visiting BRD factory, our confidence in cooperation with BRD has been strengthened. "

rock wool sandwich panel (3)

2.Fire protection standard, safety guarantee

The clothing factory has very high requirements for fire protection. Rock wool is A-class fire prevention, which can prevent all potential safety hazards to the greatest extent. At the same time, BRD rock wool sandwich board has obvious advantages in accuracy and stability, strong deformation resistance, and is not easy to crack, which can reach the same service life as the building.

rock wool sandwich panel (4)

3.Efficient response and assured delivery

The project of clothing factory has strict requirements on the delivery date. Customers visit BRD production line, and have a more intuitive feeling on product quality and production scale. At the same time, the design department, production department, storage and Logistics Department of BRD cooperated with each other to lay a solid foundation for the successful completion of the project.

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In the process of cultivating overseas, BRD green and energy-saving building materials products show a strong market advantage, which proves the general trend of the building materials industry today, and also verifies that the service of BRD products is customer-oriented and truly meets the needs of customers. BRD professional focus, for the beauty of the building, welcome to visit cooperation, negotiate CONSULTATION!

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