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Polyurethane Cold Storage Panel Application Australian Storage Room Project

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BRD polyurethane cold storage panel is under construction in the Australian mobile storage room project, which is a representative of the classic cases.

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Mr. John is a well-known construction contractor in Australia. Mr. John had a specific understanding of the BRD series of products through face-to-face communication at the BRD New Zealand exhibition and was very interested in our cold storage panels.

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The choice of cold storage panel is very important for cold storage. If the cold storage panel selection is not good, and the temperature and humidity in the cold storage are uncontrollable, it is easy to cause the products stored in the cold storage to deteriorate, or to make the cold storage refrigeration compressor work frequently, wasting resources and increasing costs.

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BRD cold storage panel is selected as product purchased by the United Nations. It exclusively uses three concave and convex technology, which increases 300% airtight strength, 100% solves the problem of cold storage without insulation.The project uses a total of 12,000 square meters of polyurethane cold storage panel, and the project has strict delivery requirements. Customers visit BRD's production line to have an intuitive experience of product quality and production scale. At the same time, BRD's design department, production department, warehousing and logistics department worked together to lay a solid foundation for the successful completion of the project.

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