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Introduction To The Specifications And Advantages Of Rockwool Panel

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Introduction To The Specifications And Advantages Of Rockwool Panel

Rockwool Panel is a new type of external wall insulation and fire protection material. In recent years, it has been widely used in various steel structure buildings. The main materials are rock wool board, polyurethane, and color steel plate. The production process uses middle rock wool board and polyurethane at both ends. For edge banding, color steel plates are used as double-sided panels, which are combined with adhesives to form high-quality energy-saving and heat-preserving building boards.

Sandwich-Panel-BRD (119)

The specifications of polyurethane edge-sealed rock wool board are mainly divided into two parts, namely the thickness of the rock wool board core material and the thickness of the color steel panel. The thickness specifications of the general core material are: 50mm/75mm/100mm/150mm/200mm, The thickness specification of the color steel panel is generally 0.4mm-0.8mm.

Sandwich-Panel-BRD (54) Sandwich-Panel-BRD (125) Sandwich-Panel-BRD (387)

Sandwich-Panel-BRD (458) Sandwich-Panel-BRD (429) Sandwich-Panel-BRD (521)

Polyurethane rock wool board has many advantages, such as good fire and flame retardant performance, which can reach Class A fire protection. Compared with ordinary polyurethane composite board, it has higher overall strength. It adopts concealed nail lap, unique waterproof groove design and effective Prevent rainwater infiltration and extend the service life of roof panels.

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BRD introduced Italian PUMA online automatic mixing pouring technology and automatic cotton refilling system to produce polyurethane edge-sealed rock wool boards with high strength, energy saving, environmental protection, sound insulation and fire prevention, and durability. Both wall panels and roof panels can be produced, the conventional thickness of the core material is: 50-200mm, and the conventional specification of steel plate is 0.4-0.6mm.

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