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BRD Opening Ceremony

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BRD has closed down operation for 6 days from 11 - 16 February for CNY holiday. During the opening on 17th February, BRD had held an opening ceremony participated by all department staff (excluding muslim). BRD started the ceremony with a firecracker before inviting the leader to perform prayer altogether for the company blessing as early as 8:30 AM. During the ceremony, BRD prepared food such as fruits as a presentation to God. At the end of the session, BRD CEO, Mr Tim distributed ang pow to all the staff as one of Chinese Traditional culture.

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-17 at 7.07.05 PM 

In BRD New Materials we have provided a lot of product such as: Sandwich Panel, Cold Room System, Clean Room System, Garage Door, Industrial Door, Light Steel Structure Villa and other building material.BRD is global leader in complete cold chain building solutions and lightweight architectural panels. More than just the leading manufacturer of building panel material, BRD has unrivaled experience in design assistance and practical application.

Below is our main products:

1. Sandwich Panel

PU-Panel-BRD (7)

As a new material in structure, the polyurethane sandwich panel has been the most suitable choice for many users. 

2. Cold Room Panel


Cold room panels are main used for buildings, which related food, beverage, chemical and so on. There are five choice for panel’s thickness: 20mm-300mm.

3. Clean Room Panel


Clean Room Panels have good thermal insulation properties, it can be applied in projects that required very high heat insulation performance.

4. Garage Door

Automatic-Garage-Door-Panel-BRDECO (1)

Sectional garage door panel offers the greatest degree of aesthetic adaptability. It comprises a number of large sections or panels that come in a wide range of designs and colors.

5. Industrial Door

industrial-door (9)

Industrial Doors are made from a number of rigid sections/panels that are hinged together and move vertically in the opening, then horizontally along the ceiling, guided by tracks and counter-balanced with springs.

6. EPS & TPS Sandwich Panel


EPS sandwich panel is a light weight building material. The core material is EPS foam particles. Compared to other panels, EPS sandwich panels’ price is cheap. 

If you're interested to get more information about any BRD product, feels free to directly contact us via WhatsApp at +6011 2281 7777 or +6011 2291 7777 & Email us at brdmaterial@gmail.com now~!

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