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Warehouse Steel Structure

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Prefabricated steel structure building is a commercial or industrial building

for storage of goods, whether large or small for your project, our engineer will 

provide you with the very best value for your investment, In terms of cost and

efficiency, ease and flexibility of expansion, and long-lasting superior

structural integrity and durability etc.

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Steel construction characteristics

1. Light weight, high strength, large-span;

2. Fast construction , relatively lower investment costs;

3. High quake-proof, high degree of industrialization;

4. Easy demolition, recycle without pollution, environment friendly;

5. Low investment and economical

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Portal Frame Light-weight Steel Building Mainly used as Steel Warehouse , Workshop and factory 

Building , Garage , Aircraft Building , different type of store building and industrial building ,widely 

using range

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Product Features

The portal frame is a traditional structural system. The main frame of this structure include Roof Beam ,

Steel Column ,Roof Bracing , Purlin ,Tie Beam , Wall Girt and so on. Portal frame steel structure with the advantages 

of fast production ,easily installation ,short construction time , which is widely used in industrial and commercial buildings .

BRD arrange  delivery transportation to our customer to make sure its safely delivered. Customer satisfaction is our responsibility.

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