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Malaysia Supplier Decoration Calcium Silicate Wall Panel Rock Wool Core

Product Description

What’s the Calcium Silicate Board

Calcium Silicate Board is a composite material made of quartz sand, cement and cellulose fibers. It is used for ceiling, interior wall partition,exterior wall cladding panel and etc. The normal size is 1220×2440mm,thickness from 4.5~15mm, and density is 1.2~1.6g/cm3. There are low-density, middle-density and high-density.

Product Features :

1.100% Asbestos Free
2.Fire Resistance and Moisture Resistance
3.High Strength and Good Stability
4.Anti Fungus and Antiseptic

5.Inorganic Material, Anti Fungus and Antiseptic
6.Widely used in Partition and Suspension System.

7.Easy working


9.Inorganic Material, Anti Fungus and Antiseptic

How does it been made?


Name: External Wall Decoration Calcium Silicate Board

Normal Size

1200mm × 2400mm


4.5mm ~ 25mm


Grey /White / Black / Yellow...hundreds of style for choosing


1.2 ~ 1.5kg/cm3

Water Content


Water Absorption


Fire Resistance

A Class(GB8624-A)

Thermal Conductivity


Bending Strength

Transverse≥11.0N/mm3, Vertical≥8.5N/mm3


Conforming to GB6566-2001 A Class


100% Asbestos Free

Freeze Resistance

No distortion after 25 repeated cycles of freezing and thawing




It is widely used in building or house exterior and interior wall, subway, tunnel, laboratory table, hospital partition, furniture and other fields. It is not only suitable for external wall insulation and decoration of new buildings, but also for energy saving and decoration transformation of old buildings. It is not only suitable for all kinds of public buildings, but also for external wall insulation of residential buildings.微信图片_20200816113431


exterior-wall-insulated-boards (3)

How to install the panel?

1.Base wall inspection—2. Snap the reference line and division—3. Plate cutting, slotting—4. Pendant installation—5. Installation of exterior wall decoration integrated board—6. Caulking—7. Sealant application—8. Cleaning protection—9. Quality inspection





1.Imitation stone effect guarantees 95% imitation stone effect, high-end atmosphere, highlighting quality.

2.Environmental protection and energy saving insulation materials are available to meet energy saving standards.

3.High cost performance per square meter compared to the traditional stone cost savings more than half.

4.High safety and light weight, plate damaged by external force will not fall, single block closed structure is more stable.

5.The quality is stable and the factory-line production is formed, completely avoiding the quality risk which is easy to appear in the construction field.

6.The effect of self - cleaning is obvious.

7.Optimize the construction period of finished panels, install the wall, per capita about 40m2 a day, greatly reduce the construction cycle.

8.Excellent weather resistance, service life of more than 40 years, the same life as buildings.


Mobile Phone:

+60 11 2291 7777

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