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Exterior Clay 3D Flexible Stone Ceramic Wall Tile

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Flexible Tile (2)

The Flexible Clay Tiles decorative wall soft exterior ceramic tiles texture is soft and feels like a cowhide with a prominent pattern and a strong. Three-dimensional effect. The marble ceramic soft flexible tile are mainly made by adding flexible elements to the tiles, which change the cold and hard texture of traditional tiles, making them more flexible and warmer.

flexible tiles (2)

Flexible Clay Tile adding the "flexible" element to the deductive equation of ceramics, modifying and compounding. the clay molecules, and firing the ordinary clay at a high temperature of 400 degrees Celsius, forging the ordinary clay into a tile with elasticity and flexibility, completely changing the ceramic hard, cold and heavy.


Flexible Clay Tile (28)

Exterior flexible clay tiles are suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration in public buildings such as residential buildings, office buildings, hospitals, shops, restaurants, bars, etc.; they are especially suitable for exterior wall decoration of exterior wall insulation of domestic high-rise buildings.


Flexible Tile (1)

1.Lightweight, anti-seismic, high security


2.Flame-retardant, smokeless, excellent fireproof performance


3.Superior chemical stability, make products get self-cleaning, and get longer acid resistance, durability and weather ability


4.Energy-saving and low carbon, eco-friendly and healthy, suitable for both inside and outside decoration


5.Potential saving the construction area, thickness only 1/3 thick of traditional brick wall


6.Excellent flexibility, super separation strength and impact resistance


7.Intelligent performance on breathable, antibacterial, waterproof, anti-cracking


8.Can be used for renovation of the old building decoration directly because of a high bonding strength


9.Easy-installation, colorful, high-strength natural effect

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