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2023 Manila Building Materials Exhibition, Philippines

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                The Philippines-Manila-SMX Convention and Exhibition Center in Manila, Philippines, played host to the grandiose Philippine World Building and Construction Exposition, or WORLDBEX from March 16–19, 2023.

                With 152,000 professional visitors, the majority of exhibitors are from 17 countries: Australia, China, Finland, Germany, Iran, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Romania, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Turkey, and the United States. The agents made up 6.18%. Official data shows that 7.40% of the total came from developers, 7.65% from distributors, 8.43% from builders, 9.07% from buyers, and 9.07% from architects.

Manila WORLDBEX 02

                The entire process of achieving barrier-free product communication was supported by the BRD Sales Team, who traveled from China, Indonesia, and Malaysia. BRD New Materials  is well-known in the cold chain cold storage sector, and it has garnered attention for integrating new thermal insulation materials.

Manila WORLDBEX 03

                BRD met with Filipino buyers in person at this premier exhibition, where it showcased cutting-edge energy-efficient building material products as well as environmentally friendly energy-saving and sustainability concepts.

                BRD is going to take advantage of this to increase the influence of its brand! Maintain and expand its own organizational capacity while promoting BRD's intelligent products globally! 

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