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2023 Manila Building Materials Exhibition, Philippines

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2023 Manila Building Materials Exhibition in the Philippines was grandly held at the Philippines-Manila-SMX Convention and Exhibition Center in Manila, Philippines.


According to official data, exhibitors mainly come from 17 countries: Malaysia, Australia, Finland, Germany, Iran, Japan, South Korea, China , Romania, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Syria, Taiwan, Turkey, and the United States, with 152,000 exhibitors Professional visitors visited the site, agents accounted for 6.18%, developers accounted for 7.40%, distributors accounted for 7.65%, builders accounted for 8.43%, buyers accounted for 9.07%, architects accounted for 9.07%


At the venue, exhibitors from all over the world showed their unique skills.

BRD colleagues from Malaysia, China, and Indonesia accompanied the whole process to realize barrier-free product communication.

Represented by BRD, New Materials for cold chain cold storage and integrated new materials for thermal insulation have attracted much attention.

In this world-class exhibition, BRD had face-to-face communication with Filipino buyers, and showed customers advanced energy-saving building materials products and ecological concepts of energy conservation and environmental protection.

BRD will seize this opportunity to enhance its brand influence! Continue to strengthen its own capacity building, and push the ingenious products of BRD to the world and the world!


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